Abril 11, 2011

How to Create the body of your Manga

        On this image shows how to create the body of a female character.A female body usually slim and smaller than for the male.To start you may use some basic shapes like polygons,ovals,circles,lines,cross or triangles serves as the frame for your characters body. Use these shapes as guides to create the body parts like arms,legs,hands,feet and head. It is very useful in making your own character because even though professionals is using these guides in their own manga sketches.

        There are also different ways to create an anime body depending on what position you like your character would be.In other manga sketches they use different ways to do that you should keep in mind that there are factors that your character is performing different pose and positions, just picture out what would be their appearance while doing those poses and positions.

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  1. Hi, that's my image I draw in 2007. at least you could credit the artist or link back to idrawgirls.com

    Thank you