Abril 10, 2011

How to Create the Face of your Manga

         In this image shows how to create the face of your manga.On the first image the eyes was placed at the top of the horizontal line of your cross, and the rest like nose and the mouth was placed at the vertical line.Just add on the ear and the hair of your character.You are the artist so it is your desire what ear,hair,eyes,mouth,nose or the entire face of your character.
         There are also times that your character is facing on the other way, so there might be difference in the appearance of your character. But still you can use the circle as the primary guide of your anime's head, but this time there changes in positioning the eyes, mouth, nose, ears, hairs and other parts of the face.

Just put some additional details like shades, lines, jewelries and other designs to make it look lively.

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