Abril 15, 2011

Manga Backgrounds


                    In manga, a background does not only serve to provide atmosphere and make the more important elements look pretty but also tells the reader where an event is happening, what time it is and other small messages. Even emotional changes in a character need the background to match it so that the reader could feel it. Every manga sketches should have their own background to emphasize the environment of the action is.

Types of Backgrounds
                    With regards to settings, we can basically separate manga by modern realism, historic or fantasy. Backgrounds however, can be separated into cities and buildings, natural environment and abstract (meaning fantasy backgrounds).
                    Of course the last but not least, is the atmospheric type. It doesn't really express any location or passage of time, but uses patterns and differing depths of letratone use to create atmosphere.

Abril 11, 2011

How to Create the body of your Manga

        On this image shows how to create the body of a female character.A female body usually slim and smaller than for the male.To start you may use some basic shapes like polygons,ovals,circles,lines,cross or triangles serves as the frame for your characters body. Use these shapes as guides to create the body parts like arms,legs,hands,feet and head. It is very useful in making your own character because even though professionals is using these guides in their own manga sketches.

        There are also different ways to create an anime body depending on what position you like your character would be.In other manga sketches they use different ways to do that you should keep in mind that there are factors that your character is performing different pose and positions, just picture out what would be their appearance while doing those poses and positions.

Abril 10, 2011

How to Create the Face of your Manga

         In this image shows how to create the face of your manga.On the first image the eyes was placed at the top of the horizontal line of your cross, and the rest like nose and the mouth was placed at the vertical line.Just add on the ear and the hair of your character.You are the artist so it is your desire what ear,hair,eyes,mouth,nose or the entire face of your character.
         There are also times that your character is facing on the other way, so there might be difference in the appearance of your character. But still you can use the circle as the primary guide of your anime's head, but this time there changes in positioning the eyes, mouth, nose, ears, hairs and other parts of the face.

Just put some additional details like shades, lines, jewelries and other designs to make it look lively.

How to Create the Head of your Manga?

The are some examples on how you create the head of your manga characters.You should start from a simple circle with a cross line at the center where you place the face of your character.The position of your characters face is based on the position of your cross n the center.

Different Manga eyes styles

Manga or anime eyes..These are the most important assets of an anime character.It shows the characteristics and emotion of a character you want.It might be sad, happy,angry,shocked etc.An animator should have their own techniques in making eyes of a character because the more unique the eye is the more unique your own character be.